"Ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only the high moments. I am in accord with the surrealists, searching for the marvelous." ~Anais Nin

25 November 2015

Poetry Wednesday #17

By Muybridge, Eadweard, 1830-1904 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Poetry is an Act of Purification 

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Now is the time
For a cleansing of sorts. I'll wash away
All of the dirt, and every piece of grime
My soul has collected throughout my days.
I will dispel all that doesn't serve me,
and unlearn the bitterness of my heart.
Soon, I hope, I will be happy and free,
And following my passion for this art.
So, as I walk down this road made of words:
I will remember that it was my choice
To step away from the comfort of herds,
And learn once again how to use my voice.

18 November 2015

Poetry Wednesday #16

Wild Hunt

Oh, there is nothing here for you to fear -
No ghosts, no goblins, walk these roads at night.
Shadows are just shadows.  The path is clear.
You can leave, once you make it through to light.
There are no monsters here for you to fight,
No beasts from which to hide 'til morning's dawn.
There's no real reason for your dream of flight,
And we feel bad that you wish to move on.
We're beginning to feel quite put upon,
We simply took you so you could come play.
You act as though we're wolves, and you the faun,
So now we are hunters, and you the prey.
We won't let you ruin all of our fun -
We want the chase, so run, girl, run. Run. RUN!

11 November 2015

Poetry Wednesday #15

British 55th Division gas casualties 10 April 1918

For those who came home 

For those who came home
Battered, bruised, and broken,
Who saw their friends fall,
Who waded through mud, 
Blood, and bodies,
Who endured,
Who survived,

For those who came home
Leaving limbs, and friends,
And restful nights
To the time before the 
Before the boredom
And the terror
Took them away,

For those who came home
Little different from when they left,
And those who discovered
That they weren't the same,
For the enlisted men,
The draftees, the officers,
The nurses, doctors, and all others 
Who left by choice or through the necessity of war,

We remember,
I remember,
And I honor you.
Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

U.S. soldiers returning to America after WWI, 1919

04 November 2015

Poetry Wednesday #14

Mila Simone, 1 week old

For My Niece

Welcome to the world, little one,
We're very glad you're here.
We were surprised when you arrived,
But hold you very dear.

Welcome to the world, little girl,
There's so much here to learn:
Like how do flowers bloom in light,
Or how the world does turn.

Welcome to the world, little soul,
You're so precious to us all.
One little look from your dark eyes, and
We're at your beck and call.

Welcome to the family,
I'm glad you've come to stay,
And I will love you so, so much
Every single day.